Thursday, July 5, 2012

US v. UK Bar Culture

My own personal experience with bars within American is limited due to restriction due to my age, but as an observer on the outside, American bars exuberate a distinct theme that is evident throughout the nation. American bars foster a flirtatious setting, where people actively seek out to fulfill their agenda of social interaction. The ambiance explodes with excessive drinking, risqué actions, and deafening noise. The flamboyant personality of Americans is clearly defined by the layout by starring the bar as the quintessential focal point where people enclose the perimeters of the bar. In America, people focus more drinking and social interaction, only causing the increasing exaggerating expressions. The overall mood is entertaining, pleasurable, and satisfying.

One of my first experiences in a pub within London contradicted every notion I had of bar life by holding onto traditional standards. In England, the lifestyle consist of a cool demeanor, where the main attention is dispersed throughout the pub, the televised football match. Pembroke Pub highlighted this by having all of the seating directed towards the football match with little attention to the bar. During the match, the scene mimicked an American living room where the people compacted themselves around the television with minimal socialization. Throughout the match I noticed people willing to sacrifice their personal space in order to have a view of the game. The only available seating before the game was outside, out of sight from the match. The people intensely listened and watched and the silence was only interrupted by the sound of erupting cheering or despair after a goal was made. The overall impression left a strong impression of English pub subculture compared to that of a bar in America.

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