Thursday, July 26, 2012

In The Presence Of A Killer

Before coming on this tour, I did not know anything about Jack the Ripper.  I felt excited on the way because I really enjoy scary stories and the east end is a little scary to me in the day light, so just thinking about being in the east end at night I knew it would be spooky.  Donald Rumbalow really made Jack the Ripper come alive on this tour.  I was very impressed with how animated he was when telling the story.   Even when cars drove by he would pause, and then keep on telling the story exactly where he left off.   When walking on the tour the sky got darker and darker which gave me a very creepy feeling inside.  I felt like I was walking through a scary story. 
When we approached where the first murder happened, I realized that absolutely no one was around.  This was the only part of the tour where there was no people or cars passing through.  It made me feel like the area was haunted.  As Donald was telling the story, I felt like maybe Jack would just come out of nowhere.  I also thought that maybe there could be a ghost in the area too.  When Donald was not talking I could feel the creepy silence.

When Donald talked about how Jack the Ripper killed his victims, I could not help but cringe.  When Donald spoke about it in great detail, such as cutting open the center and taking it’s body parts out I could not help but make a shocked face.  It is crazy to think that a person can actually do something like that multiple times.
From the very first time we walked around the east end, I already found this church creepy.  To find out that this church is where a couple of Jack’s murders occurred did not surprise me.  I was staring at the church when Donald said that the prostitutes used to circle around the church so that they wouldn’t get arrested.  As I was starring, I could picture in my head the women circling around the church.  Also, with church being a place where people pray and confess their sins, it is funny to me that it was a main place to get a prostitute.

I was very sad when this tour ended because I wanted the mystery of Jack the Ripper to keep going. Donald was an incredible storyteller.  Donald made me want to learn more about Jack the Ripper and read the book he wrote.  Seeing the places Jack went and seeing where he killed his victims fascinated me and spooked me all at the same time.  Everywhere we went I felt like Jack the Ripper was there.  The day of this tour I was very ill with the flu and while on the walk I completely forgot about the fact that I was sick.  I am really glad that I got out of bed to come to this tour.  It was well worth it and was definitely one of my favorite tours in London.

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