Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Truman Art Gallery

    This piece shows that Art can have a very personal meaning that can touch people in many ways. The piece enables the viewer to travel back in time and almost feel the intensity of the work. This painting shows a great deal of passion, grief, and sadness. Some amazing pieces of Art can realy open a world of experiences and feelings to many.
    Since a painting is an external force, it cannot physically do anything to you. However, you can allow it to relate to you. After looking at this painting for a long time, one may be connected to it in some way. When this connection is felt, it evokes meaning and feelings into one’s mind and world. These feelings may even help them look deeper inside and learn even more about themselves. If you only see the colours, brushstrokes, and maybe the artist’s intention in a particular work, there is no real connection. Everyone is going to experience this connection with different pieces of works, and the feelings and emotions will not be the same. While in the Art gallery, I experienced a few connections with some pieces, but most of them I did not.
    While I was walking through The National Gallery, I stumbled upon The Exuction of Lady Jane Grey. The piece was overwhelming, and I suddenly felt that I had seen this piece before. The painting is very large, so you have to stand back to fully appreciate it. Lady Jane is the central figure in this piece, and she is only wearing that white dress. This gives the young girl a sense of innocense or purity. After looking at the work, it is easy to feel the pain and suffering through the girl and the others around her. Even with the executioner, it seems that he is unhappy with the task that he must perform. It is also sad that the girl is reaching out infront of her. It seems that she knows the whole world is right infront of her, but instead she must be beheaded. She is so white and pale, because she knows that the only thing infront of her is death. It also seems that she may be able to see out of her blindfold, and that she is looking towards the axe. She is the only one who is looking at the axe, and knows that the only thing that remains is for her to die.
    This piece also shows that art can tell a long and intricate story in a single image.
It makes the viewer think about the history of events that have lead up to this sad occasion. It really shows how cruel people are and the history behind it. After looking at this painting and connecting with it, it was easy to understand what the piece actually meant and the truth it represented.

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