Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Reality of Seeing Many Colleges in One Supposed College

        "I have to admit that the word "Oxford" conjured specific and memorable images in my mind (these include images from various movies about what a college campus is supposed to look like and a big, grass field filled with groups of athletes playing different sports, such as cricket, and other students lying in the grass reading), but now, having actually visited, what clings most to my imagination is the fact that “Oxford” is not even one major college at all, but is made up of multiple colleges. Each of these individual colleges has its own wooden entrance door about the size suitable for very short people. The buildings themselves are amazing and detailed with different statues and heads to guard against bad spirits. There were vast grass areas that did resemble that of which I expected to be at Oxford, but no athletes or students reading on it because there were multiple signs near each grass area that read, “do not step on grass”. The schools and the city were both gorgeous, but there was a sense of not much of a college social life there at Oxford, and that was something that I very much expected to see.”

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