Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let's Focus on London

Spending a summer in London may not be your ordinary summer.  With its unpredictable forecasts, London cannot promise short shorts, ice cream, and other obvious elements of the season.  However, there is one attraction that may trigger your summer memories of fairs and carnivals: the London Eye, essentially a Ferris wheel upgraded to its finest.  The best part is that it is open all year long. 

Not your typical Ferris wheel, each capsule can carry up to 25 passengers.  Pertinent to its name, it is truly the eye of London as it is all glass and offers a 360-degree view at different heights.  It is no wonder that visitors have made “the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel” UK’s most popular paid tourist attraction.  It is almost like a view from the window seat of an airplane, but better.  Tourists cannot get a better view of London anywhere else.  Its architecture already makes one feel futuristic in such an advanced version of the carnival wheel, but the view is what can transport you in time.  London’s historical landmarks as well as the city’s cosmopolitan lifestyle, with Southbank at the Eye’s base, can all be taken in a photograph from inside the capsule.  The dream of viewing the city’s beauty remarkably transforms into reality during every second of the London Eye experience.

This masterpiece is one to admire for its design as well as for what it offers.  

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