Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Girl Power!

As I venture up the stairs to the Etcetera Theatre Club, I thought it was going to be in a big comedy room with round tables and a big stage in front of us. Instead it was a room that was probably the size of our common room with three seats in the front and about four to five rows for the audience. 

The lights dim and three women come out from the back and introduce themselves and interacting with the audience.  The skits that they perform are witty and surprisingly they seem to not have used their sexuality to make a joke out of it.  In today's society, the women comedian such as Mo'Niqe, Chelsea Handler, and Kathy Griffin uses their sexuality to get a laugh across to the audience.  But in the Boom Jennies skit, they used other humor in which women would probably understand more then the men. 
A skit that caught more attention from the women rather then the men was the skit where the two girls were sitting around talking about how one of the girls boyfriends was "the one".  The two girls awkwardly agree, until the girlfriend brings up one tiny detail that she does not seem to like.  In real life, this happens every time.  When a girl brings up something negative about their partner, this gives the friends the opportunity to say what they feel and think about their friends partner without seeming like a bitch. 
The Boom Jennies play really brought out the realist of what girlfriends do in real life and also brings out the truth on what they really want to say or act when set in the type of positions.
These wonderful and talented ladies really brought a comedic stand point not just for being a female, but overall just being a talented comedian. The broke the stereo type of women having to be funny only if they brought there sexuality into play.  They mentioned real life scenarios and tweaked it just a little so that the audience could relate and have something to laugh about. 

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