Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oxford Awaits (a post deadline blog entry)

            When I first heard we were taking a trip to Oxford, the first thing that came to my mind was, “old” and “antiquated”. What I found, however, was a thriving, knowledgeable world focused on business and success amidst a backdrop of beautiful scenery and legendary buildings. Oxford has been able to incorporate a thriving society into an aged surrounding and it is this meshing of two different worlds that makes it such an enigmatic place to be a part of.
            After first eating at the oldest pub in the city, I was surprised at the mixture of a quaint solitude interspersed within a building set between a bustling college, a church, and beautiful green space. Additionally, this pub had ties to modernity within contemporary society with a comedic sign that satirized Bill Clinton for “not smoking weed” at this pub. This beautiful contrast is what made Oxford such a joy to visit, for after eating there, which was absolutely delicious by the way, we then took a small tour of one of the colleges immersed in the city, St. Johns College.
            It was here that the history of the city was found, and it was apparent in the intricate detailing of the buildings. Even the rainwater drainage pipes found along the walls had ornate shields placed above them. The emphasis on solitude and finding inspiration when studying was also found in the spaces allotted for their beautiful gardens; the finely trimmed grass outlined a clearly cut walkway aligned with benches, sifting through looming trees and delicate flowers was breathtaking. Oxford was a definite surprise, a delightful experience, and a beautiful place to just sit and observe; a place I would definitely enjoy going back to.

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