Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Simple yet enjoyable

This painting called Farms near Auvers by Vincent Van Gogh suggests that he possess an appreciation for light oil paintings.  This painting below is painted very lightly and gives off a very relaxed mood.  Why the light colors?  The light colors give the painting a soft tone.  Van Gogh makes the roofs of the farmhouses stand out the most by making his lines stand out.  The painting gives the impression that it is windy.   The lines in the tress give the audience the impression that they are blowing in the wind.
Why does it look like this painting is not finished?
It looks as though the top part of the painting was not finished because it is plain compared to the rest of the painting.  The sky and mountains don’t have the dramatic lines like the rest of the painting.  We can assume that the artist purposely did that to draw most of the audiences’ attention to the farmhouses or we can assume that Van Gogh never finished this painting. 
This painting grabs your attention in a heat beat.  The beautiful lines grab your attention immediately.  The Van Gogh makes this simple setting look enjoyable.
Why farmhouses?
We can assume the artist likes these types of settings.  This can be the area the artist lived in or dreamt of living in. 
The Van Gogh possesses a talent for making the simplest settings look beautiful and delightful.  This painting grabs the audience’s attention so much and makes you want to be in the relaxing setting Van Gogh has painted.   

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