Sunday, July 29, 2012

Welcome to Six Degrees of Harry Potter...

When I get my big break and become famous for my world famous alcoholic desserts, the Gloucester Arms pub in Kensington would, without a doubt, be featured on the glorious “Sweet P London Walking Tour” simply because I stepped in once for less than a half hour, made conversation with a fairly skilled bartender, and obviously gained the inspiration for one of my successful creations.  …Or so I’ve learned from my experience on the poorly hyped Harry Potter Quest Walk.  Being a member of the generation that grew up with the Harry Potter series, I was more than thrilled to explore London through the eyes of a trained Harry Potter influenced tour guide.  Instead, I exposed myself to the great city as a tourist following a random woman, with her precious wand, through streets that JK Rowling is believed to have walked through and therefore is worth mentioning in a Harry Potter walk.  Though, that is not all that I learned.  I learned about the famous ‘Dracula’ because vampires and such creatures come off of some mystical tangent to Harry Potter.  It was very interesting, but it wasn’t what I came for. 

She did take us to locations that would have rooms resembling ones in Harry Potter scenes.  Here’s the bonus: we didn’t get to see them.  We just stood huddled in a group, admiring the magical wand, outside of buildings.  Lucky for some friends and I, we had a pleasantly detailed tour of the same sites earlier that day.   At times, I even wished I could add some interesting facts I learned to help enhance the greatest London walking tour of my life.  Nonetheless, I must not complain much simply because I didn’t even pay for the tour.  Thank goodness because this one was not worth your pounds.  I went and joined the tour group after the guide collected the dues.  I didn’t want to interrupt her muggle theories of sites so I decided to wait until the end to pay off my ticket to a well disappointing quest, but as the journey continued, it was no longer worth the confusion and awkward explanation for carrying  on without pay.

Save yourself the time and money for this tour, and do yourself a favor.  Go and find a more worthy Pottermania quest.

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