Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Meaning of the Word "Lovely"

    The scene at the Portobello market was something I didn’t expect to see in London. Strolling down the long, bending street, walking past fruit stands and venders: This was the most colorful experience I’ve had in London. This market scene, to me, felt like the European side of Britain.
    Britain is so separate from Europe that sometimes it doesn’t feel like a part of it. The Portobello market, however, had that European-esque to it. Weaving through people and street venders, I heard languages from all over Europe. French, Spanish, German, and an array of overs were all being spoken around me. This market seemed to be the place where all cultures collided into one beautiful spectacle.

    The food venders at the market were so diverse as well. Greek felafel, German sausages and french crepes are just a few of the numerous choices. Along side all of this diversity there was also a true sense that this was Britain’s market as well. There were venders selling things that are uniquely related to English culture, such as silver teapots and doilies. The union jack was seen around almost every corner as well. This cluster of culture in the market gave me a better understanding of London as a city. It is so diverse in culture and lifestyle, yet sustains it’s British pride.

    The people were flowing through the crowd like it had been second nature. The culture was so rich, the only word I could think of to describe the feeling was lovely. For a word that is so commonly used here in England, I finally came to understand what it means.
    When we finally found the park, I was awed by its lush beauty. I sat down in front of the small jungle-painted canvas and waited for the show to begin. An accordion began to play a tune and again I felt that wonderful European culture begin to emerge. Little children gathered around politely and sat crisscrossed on the pavement. The show started up as children and adults gave full attention to the dangling monkey's tricks. Here's a short clip of the festivities:

   By the end of the show, again, the only word I could find to describe it was lovely. I sat smiling for a few seconds afterward and took in the joy.
    "Monkey Biz" exemplified the attention to detail in an art form rarely seen in the states. It was was stunning to see in person and truly made me feel the beauty of this city.
    The Portobello street market was something that America can never touch. The tradition, and the collision and tolerance of culture was so effortlessly refreshing to see. I can understand why this market is so famous; it is the intensity of culture and the beautiful sights here that create the energy of London. It is the meaning of the word Lovely.


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