Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Never Ending Tour of Harry Potter... Literally.

Harry Potter. Wow, all of the things you could say about Harry Potter. All of the places that inspired the books and caught J.K. Rowling’s attention. You know, our tour guide really taugh... oh wait, I can’t repeat one fact about Harry Potter from the tour. The one aspect I really did enjoy learning about was the man who lived across the street from J.K Rowling and how he enjoyed his coffee in the mornings. Another important fact that I learned that night was about how “vampire” was said once in the entire series of Harry Potter movies. This was relevant to the movie for no reason at all and had no purpose of being in the tour. Overall, I learned nothing about Harry Potter on this tour, but the magic wands that were thrown in the air at the end really made it all worth it. 7 pounds for watching pieces of paper turn into sticks was something I will probably not do a second time, but I wont be close-minded to it.

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