Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let the World Burn Brighter

Southbank has by far become one of my favorite hotspots in London.  The area is just overflowing with activities for people to enjoy their surroundings.  London, as I’ve experienced, is a city that is extremely interactive with its history, pop culture, and trendy way of life.  Public Spectacles are usually the more delightful presentations London has to offer because they are most of the time, free, and such a glorious treat to one’s precious pair of eyes.

The Fire Garden at the National Theater transformed its space into another interactive playground to be added to Southbank’s interesting collection of eye-catching displays.  The massive amount of candles and torches lit came together to create a masterpiece that would not allow people to turn away from.  There’s just something about bright burning flames that make the ordinary, truly extraordinary.  The best part about this spectacle is that the audience plays a role within the spectacle.  Encouraged to walk across a platform of flames, people lined up to experience a walk through the Fire Garden.  Being allowed to observe and walk through allows one to become a part of the spectacle rather than just witnessing it from a distance.  Usually displays are meant for looking at, but here in Southbank the Fire Garden was more than inviting of its wonderers.  It allowed people to smell and feel the heat, as well as to observe from any angle, which is unique to a spectacle.

- I took a picture of the Fire Garden with my cell phone, but could not upload it here for some reason.  Instead, I chose to upload this photo of the release of sky lanterns to welcome the Lantern Festival in Taiwan this year.  These lanterns are meant to bring good fortune and good luck, but are released into the sky in hope to release and let your worries float away. Hakuna Matata!  The flames in the Fire Garden reminded me of these lanterns.  Even though we stood in a garden of flames, I somehow felt comfort and beauty rather than hatred or something associated to devilish flames.

- The Fire Garden was a great way to welcome the torch of the Olympics.

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