Monday, July 16, 2012

Boom-Jennies Address Gendered Sterotypes

The Boom-Jennies have the perfect mixture of sarcasm, humor and excellent timing, that all together make for a hilarious all women comedy show. Many of their skits are based on stereotypical situations and circumstances that women often are thought to experience simply based on societal assumptions. What the Boom-Jennies did, was address those situations and turned them around, highlighting the most outrageous aspects of them, creating a genuinely funny scene. One of the best scenes on the entire show was when the three women were at lunch and they were trying to decide how to split the bill up. Through media and the way society perceives women, many people assume that women often fight over who will pay what amount on a restaurant bill. The Boom-Jennies took this type of situation over the top, arguing and bickering with each other over the smallest things such as how much of the appetizer they each ate or how much wine was given to each person. They take societies view of this type of female interaction and playing it up so much, that it seems like the most ridiculous situation imaginable. In a way, they are pushing back against these societal stereotypes that the females have been prescribed. They configure these assumptions and make them seem so stupid that they are laughable. In the very beginning, one of the girls pretended to be talking on the the phone her co-worker named John, who she had a few drinks with so she automatically assumed that he is her boyfriend. She then picked a man sitting in the front row and pretended that he was John, and throughout the evening, she appeared to be increasingly infatuated with him, serenading him with a cheesy song. The fact that she became infatuated with him and called him her boyfriend only after a few after work drinks highlights the stereotype that women are over analizing, obsessive control freaks. Again, by, acknowledging the fact that these outrageous behavioral traits society prescribes to women are thought to be “normal,” the boom-Jennie show how disproportionate these kind of stereotypes really are.

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