Thursday, July 26, 2012

Off On My Own.

Original Deadline: July 19, 2012 
Feeling a little disorientated when getting off the tube and onto the street, I get a little worried as I am trying to find the market that everyone is heading to.  As soon as I step out of the underground and onto the crowded streets, I see a sign pointing towards the right and right under it, it says "Portobello Market".  With that sign in sight and seeing the crowd heading the same way, I felt as if I have accomplished something on my own.  
Walking through the streets, there are a lot of buildings, the flags hanging from one building to another, and also the people around me.  The crowd had a mixture of locals and tourist shopping around, finding the best deals amongst the other vendors.  Walking in such a crowded street, you would think that it would chaotic and crazy, but when really enjoying your surroundings and seeing what other people are purchasing, it calms you down in a way.  

Walking through Portobello Market you are hit with the different types of food that are cooking on the streets, such as nutellla crepes, gyros, some kind of seafood stew and so much more.  The aroma of the food draws you in and you are amazed in seeing fresh food being cooked right in front of your eyes and even more so, out in the open streets. 

Also walking through Portobello Market, there are many different types of street performers. There were so many musically talented people every few yards along the long road that you could not help but to stop and enjoy the music for just a few minutes. 

The Portobello Market is not just a place to go bargin shopping, but to enjoy the musical talent, the beautiful aroma of the different types of food, talk to a stranger about the weather and overall, just enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning in an all in one area.  

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