Sunday, July 22, 2012

Did we just go on the Harry Potter tour?

“So that building over there was where J.K. Rowling walked to get her coffee every morning”- Tour guide with the light up wand.  How does that have anything to do with the Harry Potter movies/books?  Absolutely nothing.  I have always been a Harry Potter fan and was hoping to learn more about the Harry Potter movies on this tour.  The one fact I learned about the movies on this tour that I did find interesting was that behind these doors in this building is the inspiration for Gringotts bank scenes in the movies. 

Even though I feel like I learned only a little about Harry Potter on this tour, I did learn some great facts about J.K Rowling.  I saw where she lived, what pub she went to often, and learned about where she got her inspirations from for Harry Potter.  Learning about J.K Rowling was not exactly what I wanted to learn about going on this tour, but knowing that she wanted London to be the main stage for the parts of the book not at Hogwarts school was really cool.  
Going from the United States to London has made me feel like I am living in a whole new world.  Harry Potter goes from London to a whole new world full of magic.  With this being said, in a way I feel a little like Harry Potter just being in London right now.  I am learning new things everyday about the British culture, visiting new incredible places and adjusting to living in this new world.  I was overall disappointed with this tour, but that does not mean I had a bad time.  I had a really good time being silly and laughing with the girls.  We all wanted the cool light up wand that our tour guide was carrying.  I was really excited that I got to take a picture with Platform 9 3/4 at the end, which made up for a lot of the tour.

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