Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Bit of Wit Will Take a Lady Far

Comedy shows are always thought of as giving you a good laugh when you are feeling sad, happy, angry…hell, really any feeling under the rainbow. The first thing that comes to mind, though, is a male comedian. Gabriel Iglesias, Dane Cook, and Kevin Hart are just a few examples. But after watching the Boom Jennies performance at the Etcetera Theater, there should be a new outlook on female comedians.
Although they didn’t have the funniest act of the 20th century, they had some pretty witty jokes. The one thing that became quite clear was the fact that they were not using their sexuality much to tell jokes. Many times, women performers have to be at least a little bit provocative to get any response from an audience, such as burlesque shows, concerts, and movies (really any movie you see with Mila Kunis). But these women were fully dressed and kept it classy the entire performance. That being said, it is obvious they made the right choice for their show. By not playing into their sexuality, people regard them as equal to the men in their same profession.
Men comedians almost never need to be flashy or sexual to tell jokes to a large crowd of fans. The only thing they need is a loud voice and handfuls of jokes with punch lines. The way a woman is perceived in any society around the world today is held to a much lower standard than that of a man. Therefore, women need to work almost twice as hard at their job than the men that they are competing with. In the opinion of an audience member, it was more exciting knowing women were going to be the comedians, not men.
The Boom Jennies were very comical and fun to watch. Before sitting down, I had a feeling that a comedy show with three women would have led to some kind of sexualized jokes, or something to that effect. I must say that it’s a great thing that I was proven wrong. The fact that the Boom Jennies had loud voices, and plenty of jokes just goes to show that women don’t need to be sexualized to be entertaining. They just need personalities and a bit of wit. It will take a lady far.

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