Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Top of the World View of London

 Post Deadline
A London Eye has become an iconic image since its unveiling in 2000. The 443 foot tall Ferris wheel provides a unique look of London. The Ferris wheel itself prevails over all of the buildings and can be seen from across the river. The simple design still creates contrast with the modern design against the traditional building surrounding the spectacle. Upon arriving to the London Eye, the Ferris wheel towers over and is a sight within itself. I personally enjoyed the simplistic and contemporary design. Furthermore, the location of the London Eye is an important aspect to the Ferris wheel. The London Eye sits next to the Thames River in the center of London providing a holistic view of the city. Beyond the architectural design is being within the London Eye, given that a completely different view of the Ferris wheel and of London.

            On the London Eye, the individual compartment was open and airy. When first stepping on the London Eye, the entire section is covered in glass, allowing the visitors to receive a complete three hundred and sixty degree view of London. This allows the spectator to get an all encompassing feel of London and the various parts within it. As the Ferris wheel slowly approached the top, more historical places, monuments, buildings, and bridges became clearer and gave a distinct view. The London Eye provided unobstructed views of Big Ben, House of Parliament, 10 Downey Street, and the Thames River. The River, however, was not only available to see through the window of the compartment, but was the floor beneath us to show another aspect of this architectural feat. The thirty-minute ride highlighted main features of London, but offers only a glimpse into the true beauty of London. Overall, the London Eye brought spectacular views that showed vast parts of the unique city of London.

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