Sunday, July 8, 2012

CANTINA wiggle wiggle wiggle ya!

                  Since in London the visual/ viral culture I have encountered has exceeded my expectations in grandiosity and elegance. This is especially noted in the ornate architecture where as in the U.S. we are accustomed to the modern style of skyscrapers with the idea that the bigger the better. In elegance the underground stations and bus services that just work. But this is only the surface. There is a range of cultures and influences at play in this grand city most exposed in its art. The dedication to the development and maintenance to the culture is what makes this city most vibrant. Again looking past the tourist attractions and already famous events there is an underlying culture of emerging artist out of the normal sphere. One of which we were fortunate enough to experience Cantina a burlesque show that transports you back to the 1920s in theme but challenges issue of our modern day. Cantina is not only a burlesque show to watch for the sheer enjoyment of it but an experience that will leave you transfixed by the complexity of its setting.

                As it begins with two people on a tight rope and is quickly developed into a story of the relationships in life, the crowd is drawn in by the universal motifs leaving the opportunity for individual interpretation. This is beneficiary especially in this type of production because when addressing humanity it is most important to be accessible to a wider audience. I experienced this in the fight scene between the petite woman and the man who played her lover in that scene. The push and pull of a relationship was magnificently displayed in this fight and the reluctance to leave although it might be the best choice was captivating.  Cantina is a memorable and necessary part of this trip because it opened our eyes to life and relationships in a different light and desensitized us to many of the cultural taboo’s from our own culture back at home.

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