Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cantina: A place were women dominate

Wow is the one word that can describe Cantina in its overall performance. This show is full of everything one can imagine except words, which is interesting because it gives the audience a broader chance of interpretation and with this it also gives them a broader sense of connection with the different stories that were presented. Without words the audience becomes the author of the story and the power is given to them to mold the sequence of events in whatever order they want to. The audience becomes part of cantina the moment they turn on the lights and the show starts.
This show is presented to us in a feminist perspective with the use of their customs and actions. By covering the girls more than the guys, the clothes became a powerful tool to exceed strength over the men. The men’s lack of clothing became a mocking scene as they presented their acts, while the girls acts became stronger and powerful as they presented their acts in a more serious tone by keeping their clothes on. Showing of skin in the show became a symbol of weakness and submission and this was presented as a trait in men. The women as the show developed became stronger not just by keeping their clothes on, but also by doing more dangerous things than the men. The ending act where the women ended up walking over glass gave the audience the final touch of female dominion, not just over men, but also over nature itself. 

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