Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oxford: The University of Many Beauties

I have to admit that the word “Oxford” conjured specific and memorable images in my mind (these include stuck up college students with better things to do with their time than go to Starbucks and numerous Grand buildings the stretched as far as the eye could see), but now, having actually visited, what clings most to my imagination is how beautiful the architecture was on every college building and the detail that went behind all of the gardens, lawns and statues. These students are not the stuck up rich kids I had thought they would be. They are just intelligent individuals moving forward in their lives and making something out of themselves in an individualized way, which is pretty cool. The thing that caught my eye and will cling most to my imagination, though, would have to be the gorgeous garden at St. John’s College of Oxford. I’m not entirely sure what the name of the tree was, but it was canopy-like, and it was my favorite feature of the garden. I was not expecting Oxford to look the way it ended up looking, but I was pleasantly surprised and that garden is now engraved in, not only my memory, but my camera as well.

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