Thursday, July 5, 2012

Viva España in London

            Immediately ecstatic when this cine Treck was announced, being a huge fan of soccer, or shall I say football, and already planning to watch the game I was fired up for the event. For the purposes of this blog however, I am not directly able to note the differences between U.S. bar culture in contrast to U.K. bar culture because I am 19 and have never experienced a bar in the U.S. For some reason however, when I think of an American bar, my mind goes back to an Old West salon-looking place with cowboys and a sheriff, now I know that is certainly not the case but I can’t help my novice outlook. Certainly in two more years I will go to a U.S. bar and have culture shock because in my case, I am experiencing this anthropological venture in reverse from many of the other students.

Football on the other hand I can go on for days about. Being Mexican this sport is second only to religion. I have experienced this first hand and would assimilate it to Americans passion for Baseball or American Football. This background gave me two perspectives from which to analyze the atmosphere of the Pembroke Pub. I immediately felt connected to the supporters of the Spanish team when time after time Casillas flawlessly, and without hesitation, stopped each of the Italians attempt at a goal. The roar of the crowd, taunting of rivals and occasional commands to the television screen from the spectators made me feel right at home. This encouraged me to join in the cheering and feel a part of the triumphant team just as I would watching the Mexican national team back in San Diego surrounded by friends and family. On this cine Treck was by far the closest I have felt to being close to home and part of London culture because of the familiar sounds, sights and smells that I would have never guessed to find here.  

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