Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Long Live the Art: Every piece is a masterpiece

Messages speak to us with the purpose to seek a connection from the inside of us.  Advertising, much like publicity, allows the spectator to think they want or need something in order to live life better.  Advertisements in windows, billboards, media, and anywhere else our senses may be attracted to have managed to take over the world.  With so much competition, marketers have widened their range of blissful tactics.  Sometimes the most successful ads are the simple, yet original ones.   Advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore helped Lexus create a campaign to display their product in a way similar to that of a world renown painting. As Lexus has put it, "Every piece is a masterpiece." This is a campaign ad that reels the spectator in by offering a sense of class and sophistication. The ad was influenced by Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting, "Sunflowers".

According to the National Gallery, sunflowers have a major significance.  To Van Gogh, the color yellow meant happiness, and in Dutch literature, sunflowers were a symbol of devotion and loyalty.

In this Lexus ad, from the “Every piece is a masterpiece.” Collection, Lexus implies that each of their vehicles is a masterpiece and that each piece of it is also a masterpiece within itself.  Displayed are the bulbs for the headlights.  Staying in the yellow theme, the ad tells us, the market, that Lexus will bring them happiness.  Further, Lexus will stay devoted and loyal to their customers.

In another advertisement by Alliance Francaise, they suggest “you discover new perspectives by learning French.”  In this clever ad, Van Gogh is taking his self portrait by using a camera.

These messages in the advertisements would successfully reach out to the educated and to people who are familiar with art, expertise, and culture.  By targeting such an audience, spectators will view these brands, Lexus and Alliance Francaise, at a more sophisticated level.

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