Thursday, July 26, 2012

On Top Of The World

How do you get the most spectacular view of the most amazing city in the world?  That’s right it’s the London Eye.  When just walking around London, the beautiful 100-year-old buildings make this city one of the best there is.  The London Eye, which is one of London’s most popular attractions, gives visitors a view from the sky.  The London Eye is in the best location right along the river and across from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.  
When you look at the London Eye, the first thought that comes to mind; is that Ferris wheel even moving?  The Ferris wheel is so big that it is hard to tell if it is even moving.  As you are on the Ferris wheel, you look out the glass and notice things about London that you never noticed before.  For example, I noticed a big stadium that I had never seen before.  As you go higher and higher, you can see farther along the river and you notice how beautiful the city looks alongside the river.  Visitors to London would never notice that if they did not ride the London Eye.  The London Eye also provides visitors with the best view of London.  Seeing the city from it’s highest point just takes your breath away. 
With London being an expensive city to visit, the London Eye gives tourists the chance to see the whole city.  The London Eye will always be one of the most popular attractions in London because of the spectacular views it provides.



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