Wednesday, July 4, 2012

SHHH, its Pembroke Pub



The football game is nearing the second half. Not a sound can be heard in the jam packed pub as the voice of the announcer wafts through the air. The locals are on the edge of their seats as Spain creeps towards the Italian goal. 

With in a split second, the silence is replaced with screams. 

  Olay, olay olay olay!

After exchanging their cries of joy, the fans once again fall silent as their eyes wander back to the television, fixated on the game.


Pembroke pub was packed. Not for the social aspect, not for the booze, but for the game. There was an unspoken rule: no social interaction allowed unless it was during a commercial break. If you wanted to talk to your friends, you better have been outside on the patio respecting the people watching the game inside. In america, a scene like this is only found in a sport fan's living room. Our bars are purely for social interaction and a "no talk rule" would not fly. We tend to consider silence as awkward, so we over compensate by being loud in all of our social interactions, even if it means disrupting the game for someone else. If you want to hear the game loud and clear in America, you better stay home where silence is welcome. English pubs and American bars are in two different ball parks. Looking at the differences between the two really shows how although we share a common language are cultures are extremely different. 

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