Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cinetrek 2: Pembrook Pub

         When I first entered Pembrook Pub on Old Brompton Road, I was a little overwhelmed.  I immediately noticed the huge mass of bodies all facing a mere thirty-ish inch television screen, all their faces wrapped in concentration at the soccer, or more commonly know here as football, match.  In London, watching a football match appears to be just as important as eating or breathing.  One aspect of a pub culture that particularly stood out to me was the fact that children are aloud in pubs.  In the United States, it is a very strict rule that anyone under the age of 21 cannot be in a bar, or else the facilities licenses can be revoked and ultimately will be shut down.  However, in London, going to the pub appears to be more of a social event that encompasses all age groups.  This leads me to another noticeable difference between American bars and British pubs, the fact that people drinking in pubs are not there solely to get wasted, and "hook up" with as many strangers as possible.  Yes, going to a pub is very social, but not in the way that bars in the United States are.  In the bars back home, it is strange if a girl does not get hit on within the first five minutes of entering the bar; whereas, in London, if a man walked up to a woman and tried to pick her up for the night, it would seem very forward and almost rude.   Overall, it is apparent that a British Pub is a much more friendly, family oriented atmosphere, with a strong sense of community. 

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