Sunday, July 8, 2012


    The sites in London thus far had been new, eye opening, and beautiful. But when I heard we were to watch a show called Cantina, I suddenly felt as if I was back in southern California with a group of spanish speakers, trying to decode their conversations. “Cantina? Hmmm..” I thought to myself, "Why would a show with such a title would be preformed in London?"
    So I went into the classic styled circus tent not knowing what to expect. I was surprised to find it was nothing I had seen thus far in London. Cantina was quite unique to the other sights I have seen in London owing to the sensual nature that is rare to see live.
    So when I saw that man’s genitalia slowly becoming exposed I was utterly impressed. This is coming from a girl whom never seen such things outside of a rated R movie theater.
    However, in all seriousness, I was awed not by the presence of the man’s no-no zone, but by the freedom he had to even preform such a scene. The male exposure was a taste of the sexual freedom Europeans are known for. At that moment I understood a point about human sexuality: it is all relative. That man’s penis was not shown to seduce or threaten the audience, but rather to test ones own limit to what is acceptable.
     Although there was much more to the show besides a flash of some skin, that sexual undertone was the part that struck me the most. Coming from a country where sexuality is taboo, it opened my eyes a little wider to the fact that London is not only home to the beautiful and the thought provoking, but also to what the states lack: sexual freedom.

-Katherine Berns

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