Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cantina- Corinne Wakefield

Although so far I have seen many different sights in London, including films, plays, and museums, Cantina was different than almost all of them due to the fact that is was provocative, sensual, and extremely sexual in a couple of different ways. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this burlesque/circus type of performance because not only did these men and women have endurance to fill a village, but they would also perform stunts and play into their sexuality at the same time, which I could imagine, is not the easiest thing to do. As was stated while having our class conversation after the show, these individuals have to be in tune with one another and build a sense of teamwork in order to make these stunts successful. Being an actress, I know that it is important for someone to have your back when something doesn’t go the right way. Having that person there to back you up makes you more confident and willing to go full force with your performance. I think throughout the whole show, I saw the performers mess up a total of two times. But even the little slip-ups they had were not extremely noticeable because they either got right back up and tried again, or there was someone there to catch someone else when they did have a problem. The connection that the performers had made the presentation that much more sexy and provocative. The kind of sexuality that they exuded wasn’t much different than that found in America except for the fact that in America, it is mainly women that you see disrobing, while in this show it was the men who was more sexualized. In my opinion, and I am sure in other student’s opinions as well, the men in this show were held at the standard of women in American shows. It was nice to see a difference in dominance. As an endnote, I would like to just say that my favorite part of the entire performance was when the man stripped down for all to see. Now that was pure sexuality.

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