Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cinetrek 2- Pembroke Pub

As I walked into the Pembroke Pub, I felt the excitement for the game.  There were a lot of people buying drinks at the bar and everyone seemed like they were happy and pumped to watch the game.  I felt very excited to be there to watch the futbol game.  This reminded me of how sports bars are back in the San Diego.  Before San Diego Charger games, people are always in a good mood because they are excited to watch the football game.  As the game was playing, I immediately started noticing the difference between the bar scene in London and in San Diego.  While the game was playing at Pembroke Pub, the people in the bar were very quiet while watching the game.  There was also very few people at the bar buying drinks, everyone was completely focused on the game.  In San Diego, while games are playing, people are still socializing with their friends and buying drinks at the bar.  Since everyone in the pub was focused on the game, it made me interested in watching the game.  I got really into it and was jumping up and down and cheering.  In San Diego, I go to bars often with my friends to watch football games, but I mainly go to hang out and barely watch the game.  I really enjoyed screaming olay, olay, olay with all the crazy fans when Spain scored.  I know I will never see that in San Diego.  I am glad I got to experience watching Euro Cup finals in London.

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