Sunday, July 8, 2012

Truman Cantina

     CANTINA was an exciting experience that included mind-bending circus acts, outlandish comedy, and a variety of turns. The six performers were not only amazingly consistent, but versatile in their abilities. As the show progressed, it was clear that their dedication and determination was well worth the time. The audience was always on the edge of their seats, trying to understand what they were witnessing. It was also remarkable that the performers provided their own music, which captured the vibe throughout the show.
      From the beginning to the end, it was impossible to know where the show was going to turn. In the first act, a woman danced across a tightrope while wearing stilettos! The show also involved erotic dancing involving both male and female performers. In a later act, the women in stilelettos walked dominantly over a half naked man, while he seemed to enjoy it. This theme of females controlling the males was apparent throughout the show. Later, a female performer bent and twisted all parts of her body, which really made us cringe. Another highlight, was witnessing the performers doing balancing acts under broken glass, while barefoot. It was even more surreal, when the audience was able to see and feel the true broken glass that was used. CANTINA was not an average circus, but a show that mesmerized the audience and had everyone continually gasping for air.

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