Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cinetrek 2: Pam and the cider pear

My experience involving bars is not that broad or knowledgeable due to the fact that I have not been that involve with them in San Diego. In utterly honesty I have only been to two, one being Whisky Girl and the other Las Hadas. My third and last bar has been our visit to the Pembroke pub. The difference between these bars can be seen in their drinks, music, food, style, interior design, and most importantly their people. What struck me the most in the pub was how passionately in love they are with soccer and how one game of ninety minutes means the world to them regarding their pride for their country. The pub thought me a few lessons that night. First that no matter how bad your team is loosing you stay till the end because the hope never dies until the whistle is blown. Second that if you didn’t get a seat at the beginning of the match, you will definitely will not get one for the rest of the ninety minutes. Third that you shouldn’t go on ordering drinks that your not sure exist. This last point is referent to my embarrassing experience with the bartender. Due to the lack of knowledge with drinks I ask other people to give me names of drinks to try and when I order them with the bartender, he told me that he didn’t know them. I asked him which such confidence over and over again until he looked into my eyes and asked me in Spanish if I knew Spanish. I answer yes and in Spanish he told me that he had no clue what I was talking about. After a few minutes he suggested to try out pear cider which to my astonishment tasted really good even with that hint of beer flavor which I dislike somewhat. That night at that pub I learned a few things no just from observing other people, but from people observing me. 

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