Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cinetrek 01- American & British Movie Theaters

Any form of entertainment, whether it is a play, movie, concert, etc. excites me.  So for me 
to be able to attend the British Film Institute (BFI) and experience a new way of seeing a 
movie was pretty spectacular.  While walking towards the BFI I noticed that I was 
extremely stimulated by what was all around me. There were so many side street entertainment, murals, graffiti, endless rows of books, constant conversation and music amongst people, the smell of the food that were being cooked in the trucks, and so much more.
Usually when going to an American theater, there is a usual routine that is practiced.  People will go to a theater to buy a ticket, buy some popcorn, find their seat in the theater and leave when the movie is over.  But in a British movie theater you have the option to explore the location.  At the BFI there was a computer room that allowed you use their computers for free.  Also there was a very nice bar/restaurant that was open for to people who wanted to get a drink before hand or if they wanted to bring it with them into their movie (which is not allowed at all in American theaters).  When in the British theater, I noticed that the seats were much closer than the American theaters and much more comfortable.  Also the atmosphere in the British theater was much more calm compared to an American theater where paying customers are usually talking up a storm until the movie starts. 
What I loved about the BFI is that they not only show the up and coming movies, but bring back the classic oldies.  What really caught my eye while walking through the theater is that the upcoming movies that they were previewing in their theater was so beautifully displayed, it almost seemed as if I was in a museum.  The setting of the lighting was so crafted at a certain angle that it really brought life to the movie posters that was being displayed. 

Another difference that I have noticed about American theaters and British theaters is that when the movie finally started in the British theater, no one really moved around in their seat, not even to use the restroom. While in American theater you will see someone walk in and out of the movie theater whether it is to get more food or to use the toilet.  I guess its kind of shows that people here really want to take in every minute of the movie and soak in what they see or hear.
What I found a bit amusing is that someone from our class went down to turn off their cell phone in the first five to ten minutes of the movie and the person in front of them give them the most dirtiest looks ever.  But I know that in the American theaters, there is always someone on there phone texting or facebooking while in the movies.
After experiencing the difference between an American theater and British theater, I think I have enjoyed the British theater much more.  If I were to go to my movie early, I know that I have a lot of things available for me to do and I do not need to go far from my location.

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