Wednesday, July 4, 2012

American bars vs. English pubs

American bars versus English pubs
Trying to compare the differences between American bars and English pubs is like comparing apples to oranges because they are two separate entities. American bars are a place to meet up with friends to get drunk and dance the night away while looking for a cute dance partner. Some bars in the US are dance clubs or night clubs, other are lounges, sports bars, gay bars, fancy bars, dive bars, beach bars, downtown bars, city bars or quaint local bars. There are so many different kinds of bars in the states which provide the ability to find the right one for whatever you may be planning. On the other hand, most of the pubs in London seem to be quite similar, and represent a place to have a drink, but not get “hammered” like most bars in the states.  Pubs in London are a place to socialize, talk about current events, share gossip, watch a sporting event, or relax after a hard day at work. However, London night clubs, discos, dance clubs, are more like the bars in the US where people come to dance, get “ loose,” or find a future “hook up” buddy. If you want to get crazy, wild, and be the loud American that lives inside all of us, the pub is not the place to let that freak flag fly. Like I said earlier, pubs are a place to enjoy others company, have intellectual conversations, listen to a friend whose going through a hard time, as well as a place to meet new friends or meet up with old friends. 

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