Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Grandeur and Elegance of England

One may not be a fan or natural history or of art, but London's Natural History Museum has a way of taking one's breathe away, as does the grandeur of England.  It is emotional to write about an earlier experience at the Natural History Museum after a variety of life changing events from viewing "Gilda" to standing at the same time in the Eastern and Western Hemisphere in Greenwich, to the Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition UNDRESSED: A Brief History of Underwear, to the Windsor Castle and walking "The long Walk" of Windsor Great Park.

The lightening may capture one's eye in the London's Natural History Museum. Attending exhibitions of massive, size, scale and detail in the evening with a ceiling above to be looked at and appreciated in awe. The exterior structure built in 1881 commands grandeur. To be a simple person of a simple background and stand inside a place with such rich history with over 80 million items from entomology to zoology may inspire in one their own feeling of elegance, as if this place as well as the ones listed above and many others are inviting the visitors in as part of their history, part of their play as we as the individuals who walk these grounds and experience these sights are now more grand and elegant in our mind, body and souls as a result of engaging with them. I stood with specimens collected by Charles Darwin. How many Americans can say such a thing and realize the magnitude of appreciation they should have for such an experience?

Gilda was exciting and thrilling for millions of people.  Her attire, personal looks and attitude could be described as grand and elegant. Her hair was always perfect in that film. It was classy and styled. Her clothing was fitted (tailored) and made her look distinguished and painfully sexy at the same time. Her comments were witty and smart. In my mind, she represents the grandeur and elegance of women that so few know how to carry and handle. She wielded that opulence with power and fire. She was fierce, determined, brilliant and never lost her femininity. Although she was only 5 feet 6 inches she stood and left a legend that was 100 feet tall. Although she was not from England, she is known here in my "tube talks" of London and throughout the world.

Greenwich displays the grandeur and elegance of the prior British Naval Academy (The U.S. version of Annapolis), the amazement of standing in 2 hemispheres at the same time, and the natural grandeur of one of thousands of England's green, lush parks. Standing in the places were great gentlemen were molded, formed and prepared for battle is powerful and humbling. Grandeur and elegance require at most times, hard work, and that is exactly what those men did who passed through those grounds. It reminds one of our own U.S. military and our veterans, who in my mind, regardless of race, color, creed or ethnicity have stood, worked, struggled and died for the grandeur and elegance I see in America but feel here in England.

"Undressed, " from Swarovski crystal on bras and underwear to "Dinner pyjamas" in long black, smooth, sensual, provocative but elegant black velvet. Black velvet can be elegant and grand in England, but also sexy and intriguing on the London tube creating lasting memories for some...

Windsor Castle is one of the world's greatest testaments to grandeur and elegance. The grounds are meticulously manicured surrounded by brilliant colors of the most exotic flowers. The history associated with St. George's Hall is one of the greatest one can hear. The detail, ornate ceiling made of hundreds of crests and stately meals where the plates and glasses are actually measured in distance from one another for official dining at a marvelous dinner table where the most distinguished an historical figures of history sat there and dined from the most exquisite dinner plates and glasses seen in the world. Even Hitler himself would not bomb this castle as it is rumored he wanted to make it his own personal residence.

"The Long Walk" of Windsor was everything that is grand and elegant in my mind. There are no words to describe it. It ended with a full moon and hundreds of dear clearing the path as a friend of mine and I walked to an elegant train station with an sophisticated, posh bar and restaurant steps away from the train. My deepest gratitude to England and my professors here for making me for the 1st time in my life feel grand and elegant in a way I have never felt before....it will ALWAYS be remembered and cherished...

PS Pictures to follow when my phone is fixed :)

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