Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Excess Femininity and A Lot of Humor

It begins out of necessity -- the overt need to shield those most intimate spots. But what has developed since is pure art. Creative director of London's Agent Provocateur, a specialty lingerie design and retail shop, Sarah Shotton divulges the inspiration and development process behind their knickers. Located upstairs, projected on a large white screen in between Juicy Couture track suits and Calvin Klein boxers, Shotton divulges her secrets behind the lacy bits people pay ridiculous amounts of money to cover their parts with. She describes her process starting at the beginning, for her in particular she chooses a story she wants to tell. Deciding on a certain character, celebrity, or muse to fill an inspiration board with their pictures to create an underwear archetype. She describes her panties as, "provocative, fantastical, luxurious, " developed to create "theatrical performances" when previewed at fashion shows.


"Lingerie is about movement" Shotton explains while beautiful snapshots of her works pass by the screen -- moving slowly and gracefully.


Most importantly, the designs are inspired by "what I would really like to wear" Shotton says with a grin -- while every woman watching nods their head in agreement. Sarah Shotton was the most direct and relatable stylist from the museum display and I appreciated her honestly through deign the most.  


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