Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Night at the Museum

When I saw that we were going to the Museum of Natural History, I was excited to say the least. History and science? I'm there. Walking around the corner to see a massive building with the most impressive architecture I have ever seen literally took my breath away. I'm a person of many words (ask any of my friends) but this building left me speechless. Just when I thought a building could not get any more beautiful, we walked through the massive front archway into the heart of the building. Towering over my head was a giant dinosaur skeleton spanning the entire length of the room. The lights  painted the hall different shades of pink and purple. Next to the dinosaur was a full bar serving cider, beer, and champagne. History, science, AND booze?! I am so totally there.

After I purchased my beer (priorities) I wandered around to try to find the perfect place to start my journey through natural history. I saw a sign that read, "mammals" and thought that might be a good place to begin. I trekked through the hallways, surrounded by foxes, possums, bears, raccoons, and just about every other mammal you could think of. Fun Fact: did you know that red pandas are a part of the raccoon family? Neither did I.

Strolling around, a few things struck me as quite peculiar. For starters, this is a museum that not only serves, but almost encourages alcohol. I felt quite sophisticated carrying my drink around with me whilst walking past millions of years old dinosaurs. I felt like a 16 year old again: walking around, giddy to be holding a glass of alcohol, and feeling more of an adrenaline rush than a buzz. Another thing I found odd was how close you are able to get to the exhibits; you could practically touch them. In America, everything is tightly sealed behind bulletproof glass, because the worst thing in the world that could possibly happen to a wax replica of Sacagewea is getting a breath on her, right?

Next, we decided to hit the butterfly exhibit, which really was not much of a butterfly exhibit, rather a table full of headbands and pipe cleaners sitting next to yet another minibar. Although this butterfly exhibit was not as grand as I had hoped, it was incredibly exciting. The eight year old girl inside of me came out and snatched the first pink pipe cleaner I could find. I cheerfully twisted and turned the pipe cleaners until they were perfect enough to sit upon my head as my very own antennae.

Overall, this cinneTREK will definitely be on my list of favorites. Any place where I am able to explore, learn, drink, laugh, and create is a pretty great place in my book. I hope to return one day. In my wildest dreams, my grand return will be for my wedding to my prince (yes they do weddings; I checked).

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