Thursday, June 2, 2016

Natural History Museum

        Ever since I was a young girl I have loved going to museums. I loved exploring, learning and viewing the world through art, antique and rare artifacts. So getting the excuse to go to a museum in London was exciting.
        The museum itself was fascinating as it had hundreds of specimens and exhibits to take in and experience. Architecturally, it was beautiful as well. Because I am a very visual learner, museums are especially relatable. I enjoy spending time outdoors and am a lover of animals and nature so the Natural Museum was amazing. I knew I was somewhere very special. Not only were the collections historically important but scientifically too (Charles Darwin). This museum informed me in a whole new way. I especially liked exploring the museum as an adult, being on my own, not being told what to look at or where to go. I was able to enjoy it at my own pace. The mammal exhibit was my favorite, I saw mammals I had never heard of or knew existed. Dippy was incredible.
        It’s fun to imagine how the past generations lived andinteracted with the natural world, how they survived together (or not) over thousands of years. I like visualizing how they lived, hunted, gathered, ate, wore, slept and lived their daily lives. 
       I did spend time in the museum's gift shop, as it had the most beautiful posters, paintings, and marble animals. It was one the classiest gift shop I had ever been too and I spent more money than anywhere else in London! Two paintings caught my eye, one of a giraffe that I will give to my grandfather, and a small little bird I wanted to give to my step grandma. I hope to be able to go back to the museum during my stay here in London to see more of the exhibits, spend more time (and perhaps more money!) It could take hours to see everything!

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