Monday, June 20, 2016

The Curious Review Written Late at Night


Simon Stephens has written a wonderful and educational play based on Mark Haddon's bestselling novel, its about a teenage boy with Aspberger's Syndrome, that is beautiful visually, emotionally, and in sound. You will be entranced as you watch the story unfold, in a way that helps the audience feel the world in a similar way that the main character does. 
Christopher is a 15 year old kid with autism, he sees the world in a very innocent way, making sure to undo any wrongs he may have done or others believe he has done. This play is about Christopher finding the truth, about his family, his capabilities, and of course finding who ever is responsible for the death of the neighbors dog.

This play is visually, intellectually, and audibly stunning, it is very creative in its use of color, simple shapes, and how actors move about representing different people, changes in tone and scenery. In its simplicity and limited use of backdrops,you are never confused at to whats happening. It will drag you through different bouts of emotions, experienced by Christopher, and his loved ones, and it will leave you crushed. It deals with the implications of Autism, to those with it and those close to that person.
I have never read the book, but what ever perspective it takes, I am sure that the play if very different in its portrayal, whatever setting is being projected, is twisted in a way that lets us see through the lens of someone like Christopher, every sense is exaggerated and either demonized or harmonized depending on what emotion the main character is experiencing. 
The cast is great despite them not being the first iteration, they took the reigns left by the original cast and performed wonderfully, displaying the full range of emotion required by this story, effortlessly. - 5/6

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