Monday, June 20, 2016

A Review

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time was far more than just ‘interesting’. The play was done in a fashion that is so different than anything most theater goers are accustomed to seeing that it makes one feel vulnerable. The audiences is made to feel as though we are in the brain of a child with autism, specifically in Christopher's brain. The audience is struck with flashing lights and loud noises when something happens to Christopher that is upsetting or overstimulating, we also are exposed to how he thinks and learns, in the scene when he is arrested after attacking the police officer, he is questioned on whether or not he really meant to attack the police officer but Christopher replies with yes he did attack him but he didn't mean to hurt him. From this perspective we see how Christopher brain works, how he takes everything very seriously and that he never lies, he is always truthful which most people are not. The use of humans props was a little distracting as it took away from the main character. The human props would speak the words from his book, and if you were not listening closely you wouldn't recognize what was going on, for example with Christopher routine of when he comes home he is letting the audience know that his motions of swirling and touching the human props is him coming home and taking his sweatshirt off and setting his keys down. Which reminds me of a Shakespeare play and how in his plays it is the wording that sets the stage and scenes not the props. I have never seen anything like this play, it was new and unforgettable, the use of the electronic stage and the human props was eccentric. After the show was over I did have anxiety about taking the tube back home, but I enjoyed that this play made me feel something, My state of mind changed after watching the play, which is what I believe to be the goal of the play, it could have been done so differently but none would have had the effect like it did.

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