Thursday, June 2, 2016

London Late Nights

Visiting the Natural History Museum has been one of my favorite excursions in London thus far. The concept of “Late Nights” at the museum is what initially intrigued me. I could not wait to enjoy dessert, cider, and discover all that the museum had to offer. When we first arrived at the museum one couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous architecture. To my amazement the inside of the building was even more beautiful. Being a Disney fan (like Monica), I too noticed it’s resemblance to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Additionally, I noticed the music reminded of the song “Once Upon a Dream;” which is the main song in Sleeping Beauty.

I enjoyed the social and educational atmosphere colliding as one. The first exhibit I explored was the mammals. It was remarkable how realistic the stuffed animals appeared. I was pleasantly entertained by the museum’s games and activities; which allowed you to interact with one another and discover more about the animals. I got the opportunity to compare my weight to a polar bear, an elephant as well as other larger mammals. Also in the mammal exhibit we observed a life sized skeleton of a blue whale; which is the worlds largest mammal. This educational experience was unlike any other. It is not often that one can indulge in arts and crafts, cocktails, and education all in one event. Overall I loved the experience and would jump at the opportunity to go back (hopefully as a guest at Kelly's wedding).

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