Saturday, June 4, 2016

Camden Market

My mom and step dad visited London last September and my mom highly recommended I go to visit Camden market. That being said, I was thrilled to learn that this had been added to list of cinetrex. Fortunately, the market was not as I expected. I imagined something more similar to a standard San Diego farmer’s market; one long straight street with fruits, flowers, and jewelry. The Camden market exceeded all of my expectations. The walk along the river to the market was enough to amaze me. I could not help but take pictures constantly. The boats in the river, and the beautiful colorful buildings made me feel like I was on a movie set. Everything was clean, colorful, and perfect.

Of course the market itself was also amazing. Unlike farmer’s markets in San Diego, this market was loud and boisterous. The first thing I heard when we arrived at the market was, “burgers, burgers, come get burgers here!” It was a cool and rebellious looking woman with tattoos, piercings, and blonde dreadlocks. After walking around to see (what I thought was) all the food the market had to offer, I returned to my initial post and got in line for a burger and chips. Tiffani and I found a nice table near the river to sit and eat our lunch. After we satisfied our hunger, we began to walk around the market.

To our surprise the market seemed to have no end. Every time we would think we knew where we were going we found ourselves lost in yet another vendor spot. Also unlike market's in San Diego, the Camden market had a edgy and punk side. I saw many gothic store that sold black corsets and medieval punk clothing. We spent most of our time in a shop that sold leather bags, journals, and photo albums. I purchased a beautiful brown leather journal that closes with a black strap. I am still elated about my journal and cannot wait to began writing in it about this journey.

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