Sunday, June 19, 2016

It's a thong story butt I'm going to tell it anyways

We all know of the term "suns out, buns out!", but did you know that the saying relates to the history of the thong? Who would have known that this thin piece of fabric wedged up between the buttocks would be such an eye catcher, literally. When a woman or even a man who is brave enough, is walking down the beach, rockin a wedgie, with their bare butts hanging out, people will notice. Rudi Gernreich, the man who loved to see the women rockin their bare skin in things like "the topless bathing suit" and the "no bra bra" is the one we can thank for the diminishing of a woman's panty lines. In a time where Los Angeles decided that maybe nude public swimming wasn't a good idea for certain viewers, the thong was born. The thong was first created as a swimming suit so that consumers would be able to tan those cheeks while still having some sort of clothing on. 

Gernreich was inspired to create the unisex thong after one of his childhood memories where he saw some men rockin small loincloths while swimming. He also refers to the fundoshi, which are worn by sumo wrestlers which also inspired him to create the thong. It first started as a swimming suit but later became the game changer for women's underwear. Now women are able to rock the thong and it was once a trend to have part of the underwear show above jeans. It really makes my brain wonder on why anyone would want to tell the world that they are having a major wedgie. I suppose the benefit was to emphasis the buttocks and appeal to the eyes. 

In a generation where clothes are starting to get smaller, we have the thong to connect us with the past. Perhaps Gernreich saw this trend coming and knew he had to act fast. Nowadays, we are starting to see younger teens rockin more skin than fabric. The evolution of the thong has been changing from swim suit bottoms to underwear which led to different branches. Starting from the thong, we get the G string and other underwears that have a thick or thinner band between the cheeks which can determine your wedgie tolerance. People all over the world can now thank Gernreich for inventing this marvelous piece of underwear. We are now living in a world where sometimes less is better, and now we can speak for the cheeks and just say that thong thong thong thong thong.

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