Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Broadcast of the Spectacle

Sitting in the heart of London is British Broadcasting Corporation which started on October 18th 1922 and has since developed into a symbol of knowledge and information for not only Britain but also the world. 

British Broadcasting Corporation Studio 
After visiting the headquarters and receiving a tour of the facilities, it has become apparent that London has found another way to set itself up for future global success. 

BBC, is one of, if not the most respected news organizations in the world and being in the heart London puts the Country of Great Britain at the top of the list. This control of information has a far better reputation than the news organizations of the U.S. Because the BBC is publically owned by the people of the United Kingdom it has a responsibility to appeal to the masses instead of independent big businesses or political parties. Much like the newspapers of London, the news stations of the U.S. choose a political party to appeal to. Even though it is never mentioned outright, in the U.S. certain news stations will run news stories that can boost the ratings of certain candidates during elections, censor stories that may not appeal to the public and keep the public on a need to know basis. This is a form of media is counterproductive when trying to find a good and honest news story. The BBC, on the other hand, have the opportunity to tell the news like it is because that is exactly what the public, its owners, what to hear.

The BBC offers many different types of services to appeal to its broad audience. BBC’s most popular Television channel is ‘BBC One’ which reaches almost 80% weekly. The next closest is ‘BBC Two’ which reaches 54.3% weekly. Television is the most popular interface for the British Broadcasting Corporation. The second most popular reach is through BBC Radio and following that is BBC Online. BBC Radio covers a lot of topics from the 24 hour news to the dramatic readings done by actors in the studio. Music is also covered and it is common to catch an interview with a favorite artist on any day. BBC online, the link located at the bottom, is just as entertaining as the Television and Radio Broadcasts. The home page of BBC Online can be customized to the user’s appeals. This interface connects the Radio, Television and Online news stories all in one place. In the past it was debated that BBC Online received too much funding and had too much advertising-free information and it was difficult for other websites to keep up. Wanting to remain at the center of the global broadcasting network BBC decided to offer links to websites that held the same information and direct their users to these appropriate links through the BBC web page. A smart decision by the BBC staff.

Best Part of BBC is the enthusiasm that the staff has for distributing the news to a global audience. Even the tour guides were enthusiastic while showing off the BBC facilities knowing that inside the walls of the building is the power of mass media and the respect earned over the years by none other than the BBC. It is this positive energy that that fuels the success of the BBC and there is no telling to which heights this corporation can be taken. 

- C.L. London, England 782014

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