Saturday, August 9, 2014

Take me down to Camden Town

Camden Town, the magical wonders of Camden Town. When going on this CineTrek I don't know what I was expecting except I was excited. Going to Primrose Hill was kinda a let down, the town was cute and the hill would have been really pretty but it was cloudy and we couldn't really see anything. But our trek to Camden Town was on a whole other level. As soon as we walked through the market it was chaotic but the food smelled and looked soo good. It was awesome seeing all the different booths with foods from different places was very eye opening because they were serving foods that weren’t the typical foods that you would normally see from those countries. Once we moved on from all the amazing food and reaching the inside markets with all the crafts. I’ve been to craft fairs before so most the stuff was pretty cool but pretty typical, but the atmosphere was what made it. An Alternative culture that exists outside the fringes of mainstream culture, way different then posh South Kensington. Just leaving the tube station you are greeted with storefronts with huge objects on the walls depicting what they sell in the store.

Then all the alternative stores with Goth stuff and leather. Leaving the safe haven of South Kensington and seeing Camden Town was a sort of a released breath that I didn't know I was holding. Uniqueness all in its self, you go around London and you don't see tattoo parlors or people with Mohawks, but in Camden Town they’re everywhere. Going through the mazes of the markets felt like I was leaving the city behind and entering a world where people don't hide who they are and sell weird stuff. 

Mostly the same stuff but still wandering through the different alleyways going deeper into the Camden Lock, you get a sense of entering a world of merchants. A different style of life that you wouldn't normally see when you walk around South Kensington or even central London, which is a relief to know that not all of London is so posh. Also there is more of a younger crowd that goes there, we stayed pretty late and was able to see what the nightlife entailed, which was a whole other experience in itself. But the whole Camden Town experience was one of my favorites here in London, just getting out and seeing a different side of England was a really good cultural experience.

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