Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Roxy Bar and Screen Dazzles on The Down-Low


 Dim lighting, a big screen, and comfortable couches are at the center stage of The Roxy.

      Pulp Fiction is not a new movie, but it is a classic. Perhaps that's why The Roxy, a nightclub/theatre/bar decided to host a screening of it, because The Roxy itself is a London classic establishment in its own right.
     At home in San Diego, our movie theatre options are pretty limited.  Yes, you can pay a small fortune to go see new-realease movie and get served a few drinks and meteocre food, but I think it's safe to say there isn't a single experience in San Diego that can equate to a night at The Roxy.
     First, let's talk about the film choice: Pulp Fiction, an absolute classic that leaves its audience reeling in thoughts after watching it. It's a rather genius choice for a crowd who doesn't mind thinking a bit about what they are viewing and gathering for. Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, and Bruce Willis all give iconic and legendary performances. Do places like The Roxy show these types of films with purpose, rather than just picking the newest Transformers movie to melt the minds of its patrons, or does The Roxy only show movies that are 20 + years old to avoid having to pay some sort of licensing fee? I'll go with the first one.
       The atmopshere of the Roxy doesn't scream, "Updated! Trendy! Modern!", and I believe that's what makes it unique and appreciated by its visitors.
       It's a true testament to the night life in London. Where else can you find a bar, night club, and theatre all converted into one place? Nightlife in London doesn't always necessarily require a short-attention span and instant gratification entertainment, as The Roxy proves. Atmosphere is important, but clearly not in the same way that some Californians might feel it is. The Roxy brings people intimately close under dim lighting, comfortable couches and chairs, and a genuine feeling of home. The scene at The Roxy and places like it at London allow you to bond with the people you're with and around over a common love for something classic and comfortable, much like films like Pulp Fiction, that typically can bring two complete strangers together in conversation.
         At first glance, it might not seem like many business decisions are thought too hard about by management...but an observer will most likely see every piece of property and way of running The Roxy has been thought about to maintain a certain vibe and mood for its patrons. People come to enjoy the experience together. There is a greater aspect of socialization in an establishment such as this one, and while the details of the atmosphere certainly contribute, the entirety of the place features a purpose of bringing people together. I think we have found that that is a very important aspect of Londoners having a good time.
           A place like The Roxy can be used to describe what a going out for a relaxing night with your friends in London is like. A good drink, some good food, and most importantly, some good people, seems to be all a Londoner needs, and that's a lesson a San Diegan can learn a thing or two about.

An advertised review on The Roxy's website (which pretty much rings true in my eyes):

"...probably the coolest cinema venue in London, if not the UK." - Urban Life Magazine

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