Saturday, August 9, 2014

I Wanna Live in Bath

The beautiful city of Bath, mostly famous for its Roman Baths, no surprise there. However defiantly was not expecting to appreciate the entirety of the city, upon driving into the city everything looked the same but was gorgeous. It was nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of London and go out to the countryside to a small town. Being surrounded by buildings and skyscrapers was getting a little claustrophobic, and while driving out to Bath it was nice to see something outside of the city. All the green hills and cows and trees, defiantly and beauty you don't see in San Diego. Upon arriving in Bath the whole city just screamed rich and fancy, and was actually very busy (mostly because of tourists) but seeing the buildings and the Roman Baths and the history that it has seen was impressive. London has some history too but since the Romans sort of paved their way through Britain (literally paved their way through, with the roads they created) it was cool to actually see something that they created. Almost like a little Rome right there in Britain. I was however a little disappointed that the only original pieces were underground, and just the walkways. But that was just because I didn't know that it had been covered and rebuilt which was actually pretty cool that they were able to find and uncover such a historic artifacts. Seeing this visual was a good history lesson and a different side of visual that you wouldn't get by just seeing the city. The city of Bath, being an hour away from London, seemed like its own little world out there in the countryside. Then seeing the Roman Baths and what it used to look like when it was built and how it looks now, its like seeing a different world in a small world. Roman inspired buildings surround by typical English style was very eye appealing. Although not gonna lie, was more excited about the fact that Jane Austin lived there and there was a little museum right next to the Roman Baths. 
However after spending and unfortunate small amount of time in Bath, I didn't want to leave. Bath gave off an atmosphere that was relaxed and soothing, even though surrounded by tourists it was still a nice little retreat that I want to go back to one day.


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