Saturday, August 9, 2014

Spectacle spectacle spectacle

What is in a spectacle, well first off the building is a spectacle itself. When we first got out of the underground you are greeted with this ginormous stone building, quite ugly too. Built post war after the bombs ravaged the city. Not sticking to the typical Georgian style buildings these were built in the 70s very modern and plain. Once we found the museum and entered the exhibit we are greeted with computers and software as from days past. Being a techy myself I was in love, always enjoyed the wonder and impressiveness of computers and software and what it is cable of. Walking through the different exhibits we are taken through time from the beginning to the most modern, how they filmed Gravity by Alfonso Cuarón. Being filmed in a light box and watching as to how they did it was quite impressive, just the amount of technology and creativeness that was put into it. They couldn't figure out how to move Sandra Bullock’s character through space, so they realized that they could use technology to move space around her. The designer got the idea of a light box from a concert he went to and just took the idea and went from there.
The most impressive part of the exhibit to me was the interactive technology. I stepped into a room, with the warning of loud music and to keep moving around the room. My expectations from that were what the heck am I about to see, what does this have to do with technology. However stepping into a room with a 3D image of an Egyptian pharaoh and three large gold triangles with music instruments in them was most certainly not what I was expecting. The graphics were so surreal and the three gold triangles that held the musical instrument robots that played the music. It was cool to see it in person because you only ever hear about robots doing human things in newspapers and never actually in person.

The next room of interactive technology was a spectacle in itself, using coding and images. I've done some coding and configuring of computers before at my job and I know how time consuming and hard it is (and we’re just doing simple stuff) so watching these amazing works of art doing things such as turning spoken words into digitally written words on a screen and then turn into a butterfly was amazing. I am very interested in technology and my current job is working in technology but seeing this exhibit really put it into perspective for me, I developed a greater sense of appreciation. Seeing how far technology has even come, starting from simple coding programs to create games like Pong, to games that can recognize a specific person or voice. Technology has come a long ways, and it is used everyday and in a lot of things that people don't even realize. Such as movies and how we receive the news, it is changing daily, as we evolve it evolves. 

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