Monday, July 28, 2014

Swallowed up by paintings

Late Summer Flowers 2011 by Alex Katz

I love this painting. I’d hang it in my living room and it’d take up most of the wall. It was hanging next to another of the artist paintings that was dark called Full Moon and with it next to it, this painting popped out and was fresh. The colors of all the flowers being so close together it was still bright and jumping off the canvas. After reading the title I enjoyed it even more. The fact that they were flowers not from spring made me think of the meadows of flowers in Yosemite that smell amazing and laying down in the tall grass with them blowing in the wind looking up in the sky. This picture brought the feeling to life. I wasn’t standing in the Tate Modern anymore, I was standing in the middle of a meadow with a slight breeze and smelling the warm summer air with the flowers dancing around. 

Water-Lilies after 1916 by Claude Monet

Claude Monet was an amazing artist. The size of this painting in remarkable and that it is one full piece can only imagine what it was like to actually paint this outside. This puts you right at the water’s edge in the lilies living area. Once again the artist has captured the nature and brought the on-looker of the painting right into the area.

Paintings, or artwork, that can bring me to that moment, make me feel as if I was there as the painter painted his work, or recall memories that are similar to the painting I believe is true artistry. They use the sense of sight to then make other senses come alive they are more than just a painter, they are an artist completely.

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