Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Do you know what the 39 steps are

The 39 Steps by Alfred Hitchcock!! Oh snap, when you hear of this title and who its by you wonder what the heck am I getting myself into?? Alfred Hitchcock, is this going to be like another Psycho movie. I have never been into his type of movies but then again I have never ventured into watching his movies or any like that. However I am a huge fan of old black and white films so when you required us to watch this movie I was thinking sure why not maybe my feelings have changed. I actually did like the film it was the typical old horror/mystery movie but after viewing the movie then going to see the play, I was able to enjoy it even more. It was awesome because black and white movies are overly dramatic for this day an age, just because there are no special affects the actors had to rely on themselves to make the movie which we see in the play, the only affects were sounds and smoke, but when the actors were pretending to be on the train we see them flipping their coats around pretending to be the wind which adds a hilarious aspect to the play. The play was a good comic relief a true spectacle to how film used to be done. The movie is slow and long but the play made it seem quick because of the comedy. The play was making fun of the over dramatic 1930’s acting where it over glorifies everything making it a satire. The way things were filmed back in the day vs how this plays was made today we can see the differences, what I noticed was how the actors added even more to the play. All the added exaggerations to accents to make fun of the original and the same characters playing each other, only 4 main characters. This was a really cool thing that they did, even added to the comedy of the play. Watching them visibly changing characters at the end of the play did however make it seemed rushed but it was a nice change from watching 1930’s overly dramatic “horror”. Overall I really enjoyed the play, I didn't even want to see it because my parents usually drag me to boring plays. So I wasn't expecting it to be funny and actually enjoying the movie as well. I’m glad I watched the movie and went and saw the play!

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