Saturday, July 26, 2014

Best Food In London


  Good food? Diverse People? Shopping? Tattoos? Piercings? Camden Lock has all of these things and more. Walking along the canal to get there, it felt like we were in Venice. But right when we got thrown into the center of things it became like the fashion district in Downtown Los Angeles with a mixture of a farmers market. I can't think of any other word to describe Camden Town but POPPIN. The energy of all the people there made me feel right at home. Everything was so diverse and everyone was down to earth. There wasn't just one type of food there. I was sampling Indian, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Jamaican food. There was anything your heart desired.
      The two hours we had to walk around flew by. Definitely not enough time to walk through the never ending rows of shops. It's so easy to get lost in the shops and the beauty of Camden Town. There would be a Chinese food booth right next to an Indian food booth next to another Chinese food booth. So many choices!  It was crazy to see all the different kinds of clothing that was being sold. The clothes were diverse, the people were diverse and the food was diverse. It was nice getting away from Kensington and seeing how the other people live. I wondered what the rest of the houses look like outside Kensington. The architecture was beautiful. All the building were so colorful and full of life. It seems like the buildings in Kensington are all white or off white. Not much color around. Very classy.
I stopped in one of the shops and he lowered the price of his product in half. It was clear that he really relied on his booth to support him. That would never happen in the stores in the area we're staying in. I really liked the fact that these people were so cultured.

       I stood at one of the booths and watched them make fresh pasta. It was amazing how fast she was pulling the pasta through and cutting it. They all were so happy making their yummy food. Everyone was passing out samples and actually starting conversations not just trying to convince you to buy their food. The vibes were so friendly. This was definitely my favorite place we have gone. I actually went back yesterday and went with Kayla to get a tattoo. We went into three tattoo shops and they were all friendly. The shops even let us in until the rain stopped and didn't make us feel obligated to buy anything. Things like that seem to never happen in the states. The energy is so positive there. Even though it was pouring it was still as crowded as it was when we all went. You could spend hours just walking around and seeing the different cultures. This place would be fun if you just sat down and people watched. From the natives to the tourists it felt like we were in a whole different world. I felt like we were back in Los  Angeles or San Diego.
      Camden Lock is very lively, you will never run out of things to do here. You will also never meet such friendly, genuine people. :)


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