Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Contrast of the Spectacle

San Diego State University vs. University of Oxford

The contrast of the Spectacle.

This contrast is not something I would have ever expected to consider.

These colleges are complete opposites in every way possible, except of the mutual goal of providing this and aspiring generations with the education to better our world.

San Diego State University, ‘State’ as it is referred to by the students who attend, has a laid back, So Cal disposition. Classrooms are filled with students wearing bathing suits
ready for the post class trip to the beach. The professors are down to earth and easy to talk to. The campus walkways are full of bicycles and longboards as student rush to class seconds before the door is going to close. Students find time between class to lounge on the grass lawn and read up on the next lecture. The campus itself is filled with buildings which resemble spanish architecture. This brings a warm and inviting feel to the campus and the students who attend classes every day.

Oxford has a much different atmosphere. Standing in the center of the University of
Oxford it is easy to see that this is an institution which demands the utmost respect. There is also a strong sense of tradition instilled in the regulations of the institution. Dressing properly for class, in suit coats and proper slacks, sets the pace for the expectations of the students in this professional setting. The campus itself resembles the architecture of a traditional cathedral. Large walls and gates surround the campus to prevent any unwanted visitors from making their way onto the campus. The grass is even protected by signs reminding the visitors who find their way inside the walls that it is best to ‘Keep off the Grass’.

The one thing that I have noticed is that the people who attend Oxford tend to have a sense of pride in their school, there is not that sense of pride in San Diego State from the students. However this lack of pride is compensated for by pure happiness. The students of State are some of the happiest people that I have ever met and its because we all know that we are the luckiest people in the world to attend college in southern California and the beautiful and infamous San Diego State University.

There is no room in the walls of Oxford for the rebellious souls of State. Not to say that the students of State would fail and shrink any in the presence of an Oxford education, but rather I believe that any Aztec who spends too much time away from State will eventually begin to miss the 10 minute rides to the beach, casual attire in class and late night Mexican food.

- C. L. London, England 3172014

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